Soludo Rejects Obi’s Call For Anambra Residents To Vote For LP At House Of Assembly Polls

Soludo Rejects Obi’s Call For Anambra Residents To Vote For LP At House Of Assembly Polls

Professor Charles Soludo, the Executive Governor of Anambra state, has called on the people of the state to ignore the call of Peter Obi, the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party at the just concluded presidential election, for massive votes for LP House of Assembly candidates in the state at the upcoming elections.

He stated that having won at the presidential election in the state, there was a need for the people to be allowed to vote for APGA, the ruling political party.

Soludo reminded Obi of how difficult it was for to him to perform as a Governor of the state having PDP lawmakers dominate the assembly, adding that they even impeached him.

He threatened that the people of Anambra should vote APGA or forget about development in the state.

The Anambra State Governor made this known via Mr. Chris Aburime, his Press Secretary.

He further noted that the Governor wouldn’t interfere during the presidential election, and a conducive environment was also provided by him for the election to be held.

According to Aburime: “That call was meant to deceive Anambra people. Obi can not be talking about development in Anambra and also be talking about asking Anambra people to elect lawmakers from the opposition party to work with Soludo.

“He worked with a legislature that was dominated by lawmakers from the PDP, when he first came in as governor, and he knows that it was not easy for him.

“He even suffered impeachment because of that, and we hope it is not the same thing he wants to set Soludo up for.

“Anambra people should go all out next Saturday and vote for APGA, if they want the developmental strides of Mr Governor to continue.

“You can not be talking of development and at the same time talking of electing opposition politicians into the House of Assembly, it is not done. It is deceit.

“Anambra people supported Obi during the presidential election, and besides, Soludo refused to interfere as the people trooped out to vote for Labour Party, and that was even before Soludo made the environment conducive for people to come out and vote.

“We have voted Labour Party in the presidential election, but for the House of Assembly election, we are voting for APGA, and we want Anambra people to know so.”

Obi had, during a meeting with the LP’s national and state assembly candidates in the state, asked Soludo not to be scared of impeachment, adding that the most important thing was bringing development to the state.

Obi described Soludo as his brother, urging them to work with him.

But Soludo said the comment by Obi was highly deceitful, adding that it was intended to set a trap for him.