Security Agencies , Government Officials Now Use Banditry As Business – Katsina Gov.

Security Agencies , Government Officials Now Use Banditry As Business – Katsina Gov.

In a recent revelation, Governor Dikko Radda of Katsina State shed light on a troubling aspect of Nigeria’s insecurity landscape. During an appearance on Channels TV’s Politics Today, Governor Radda exposed how certain individuals, including security personnel and government officials, have exploited the country’s security challenges for personal gain, turning it into a lucrative business.

Governor Radda emphasized that this exploitation has significantly complicated efforts to combat banditry and general insecurity in Nigeria. He stated, “Now it has turned out to be a business venture. A business venture for the criminals, some people who are in government; and some people who are in security outfits, and some people who are responsible for the day-to-day activities of their people.”

The surge in attacks by criminal groups, commonly referred to as bandits, has plagued rural communities across Nigeria. Reports from SaharaReporters have documented numerous incidents of kidnapping and abduction carried out by these bandits, underscoring the severity of the situation.

Despite ongoing efforts, including President Bola Tinubu’s prioritization of tackling insecurity, the root causes remain multifaceted. While many attribute insecurity to political motives, Governor Radda highlighted poverty and injustice as significant drivers of these criminal activities.

Disputing claims of a purely political agenda behind banditry, Governor Radda stated, “The issue of the hypothesis behind political motive as responsible for banditry is not true.” He further pointed out that many youths in the northern region are lured into banditry with meager sums as low as N500, highlighting the dire economic circumstances that fuel such activities.

As part of addressing the insecurity plaguing the region, Governor Radda and other northern governors recently engaged in a trip to the US. Despite facing criticism for holding the meeting abroad instead of within Nigeria, Governor Radda clarified that they were invited by the United States Institute of Peace to discuss lasting solutions to the region’s security challenges.

“The meeting was not at the instance of the selected governors of northern states but it was at the instance of the United States Institute of Peace. They were the people who invited us; they hosted us for the meeting. We were invited to sit with them so that we could bring about lasting solutions to the problems that are affecting our people,” Governor Radda explained.

Governor Radda emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts and strategic partnerships in finding sustainable solutions to Nigeria’s security woes.