Enugu Lawmakers Successfully Pass Public Ranch Agency Bill

Enugu Lawmakers Successfully Pass Public Ranch Agency Bill

The Enugu State House of Assembly has successfully passed the Public Ranch Agency Bill, paving the way for the establishment of an agency to oversee both government-owned and privately owned ranches within the state. This legislative move aims to address the persistent farmers/herders crisis in the state and foster agricultural stability.

Clifford Obe, the representative of Igbo-Eze North Constituency II, expressed confidence in the bill’s potential to mitigate the farmers/herders conflict, which has adversely affected agricultural productivity and contributed to soaring food prices in the market.

Obe highlighted the detrimental impact of the crisis, leading to farmers abandoning their fields, escalating crime rates, and triggering rural-to-urban migration. He emphasized that the bill’s enforcement would create a regulatory framework requiring herders to register upon entering any community, thereby enhancing security and reducing environmental degradation caused by cattle.

“The bill will help people not to be afraid,” Obe stated. “It will make it compulsory for herders to register, reducing crime and mitigating the environmental impact caused by cattle roaming freely in urban and rural areas.”

Furthermore, Okechukwu Aneke, representing Udi South Constituency, emphasized the inclusive nature of the bill, noting that herders encompass diverse ethnicities beyond the Fulani community. He urged coexistence and understanding, emphasizing that the bill’s primary objective is to regulate herding activities and distinguish between legitimate herders and criminal elements.

Harrison Ogara, representing Igboeze South state constituency, emphasized the bill’s potential to foster peace and harmony between farmers and herders, urging strategic implementation by the executive arm of the government.

Speaker Chief Uche Ugwu reiterated the Assembly’s commitment to passing legislation that promotes peace and development, assuring the people of Enugu State that the bill is designed to enhance security and agricultural productivity without compromising peace and stability.