Gaza Protest: Yemen’s Houthis Offers Educational Opportunity to Suspended US Students

Gaza Protest: Yemen’s Houthis Offers Educational Opportunity to Suspended US Students

Amid the Gaza conflict, Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthi militia has extended a lifeline to students suspended from United States universities following anti-Israel demonstrations.

According to a report by Reuters, an official from Sanaa University, under Houthi administration, expressed their earnestness in welcoming these students. “We are serious about embracing students who faced suspension from U.S. universities due to their support for Palestinians,” the official affirmed, highlighting the university’s dedication to their cause. “We are actively engaged in the struggle for Palestine on all fronts.”

The unrest in U.S. universities stemmed from students protesting Israel’s actions in Gaza, with demonstrations and tent setups becoming a common sight across campuses. Notably, institutions like Columbia University have resorted to police intervention to manage these protests, resulting in numerous arrests and student suspensions.

In response to these developments, Sanaa University issued a statement commending the students’ “humanitarian” stance and extended an invitation for them to pursue their education in Yemen. “The university’s board condemns the suppression of freedom of expression faced by academics and students in U.S. and European universities,” the statement declared, emphasizing their solidarity with those affected.

The geopolitical context adds depth to this narrative, with the U.S. and Britain recently designating the Houthi militia as a terrorist group due to their maritime activities disrupting global shipping in the Red Sea region.

This opportunity offered by the Houthis presents an alternative academic pathway for affected students who protested the war in Gaza.