Senate Presidency: Northern Group Sends Strong Warning To Tinubu

Senate Presidency: Northern Group Sends Strong Warning To Tinubu

In a bid to secure the Senate Presidency for the North West region, the North West Arewa Youths, a prominent northern political pressure group, has appealed to President-elect Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. Expressing their concern over the endorsement of Senator Godswill Akpabio from the South-South by the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Working Committee, the Arewa Youths urged Tinubu not to allow politicians from other regions to derail his commitment to the North West. The group emphasized the importance of loyalty and reminded Tinubu of the significant support he received from the North West during the recent presidential election.

During a peaceful protest in Abuja, the Arewa Youths, operating under the umbrella of Arewa Youths of Nigeria (AYON), expressed astonishment and disappointment at reports suggesting that Tinubu was supporting a South-South candidate for the Senate Presidency. The North West region, which provided Tinubu with the majority of its votes, felt neglected and concerned by this news. Dr. Tanko Abdullahi, the zonal coordinator of the group, represented by Useni Abubakar, President of the Northern Youths Council, cautioned Tinubu against falling prey to sycophants and urged him to consider the aspirations of the North West.

Highlighting the immense support received from the North West, the Arewa Youths emphasized that political loyalty should be reciprocated with loyalty. They cautioned Tinubu against being perceived as a leader who uses and abandons his supporters, stressing that such a perception would be detrimental. The group pointed out that supporting a South-South candidate, which garnered only 9% of the total votes compared to the North West’s contribution of over 30%, would be akin to political suicide. They aimed to provide the President-elect with a clear understanding of the misguided advice he may receive from those who do not have his best interests at heart.

The Arewa Youths expressed their unwavering support for Senator Abdulaziz Yari, advocating for the Senate Presidency to be allocated to the North West. The group stood in solidarity with Northern Students, Women, and Leaders, who also called for the position to be domiciled in the North West. Displaying various placards with messages such as “North West calls on President-elect, Tinubu not to betray the North West” and “Senate President is our right,” the Arewa Youths stressed the potential feelings of betrayal if Tinubu were to endorse Godswill Akpabio over Abdulaziz Yari.

The group articulated why Senator Akpabio should not be trusted with the position of Senate President, emphasizing his previous betrayal of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and suggesting that his quest for power would lead to a similar betrayal of the APC. In contrast, the Arewa Youths vouched for the trustworthiness of Governor Yari, stating that Tinubu could place his trust in him without reservation. They emphasized that the Senate Presidency should be held by a person who is not desperate for power, as it is a position of immense responsibility and significance