Insecurity: Benue Govt Introduces Technology To Battle Herders’ Attacks

Insecurity: Benue Govt Introduces Technology To Battle Herders’ Attacks

The Benue State Government has recently made an announcement regarding its plan to provide satellite phones and internet-based communication radios/gadgets to communities that are currently without mobile network coverage.

This decision was made during a State Council meeting that was held in response to the incessant attacks by Fulani herders over the past few weeks.

According to the resolution of the meeting, the provision of these communication tools will enhance the prompt transmission of information to security agents, which will aid in preventing future attacks.

The meeting also resolved to encourage community members to be watchful and provide security surveillance in their areas while transmitting information to relevant authorities.

Deputy Governor Benson Abounu, who chaired the security meeting on Friday, emphasized the necessity of this decision due to the influx of herdsmen and cattle into the state shortly after the general elections.

In addition to providing communication tools, the State Council also reiterated the existence and importance of the Anti-open grazing law in Benue State, stressing the need for all stakeholders to respect and abide by it.

According to the resolution: “emphasis now should be on the prevention of attack by the Fulani Herders rather than the reactionary approach.”

“Therefore, it is crucial that law enforcement agents show sincerity in the implementation and enforcement of the law, and all stakeholders work together to prevent future attacks.”