Swearing Tinubu In While Case Is In Court Doesn’t Make Any Sense – Onaiyeka

Swearing Tinubu In While Case Is In Court Doesn’t Make Any Sense – Onaiyeka

In a recent interview at the Channels, Cardinal John Onaiyekan, the Archbishop Emeritus of Abuja Catholic Diocese, has expressed his concerns regarding the 2023 presidential election and the legal challenges which ensued.

He noted that the election process was yet to be concluded as there were cases in court that had not been resolved.

As such, he believes that the country is in an anomalous situation where a President-elect has been declared, but the result is still being challenged in court.

Onaiyekan stated that he, like every citizen, is entitled to take the position that he is still waiting for the court to determine who won the election. He argued that it is not logical to swear in people who are still in court.

Therefore, he emphasized the need to review the election process to ensure that a winner is eventually sworn in, and everyone can rally around him.

Speaking about those who rigged the election, Onaiyekan noted that they are aware of their actions, and those who did not allow the people’s will to prevail also know it. He believes that while the court may not know, God knows them, and they also know themselves.

The Cardinal also spoke about the need to be cautious when mentioning God’s name, as it could be taken in vain. He pointed out that some countries that do not mention God are still able to run their affairs well, adding that if one chooses to mention God, they must ensure that they run their affairs according to God’s will, or risk giving God a bad name.

Onaiyekan, speaking further, urged his fellow countrymen not to apologize for keeping God constantly in their prayers and national life. He believes that throwing God away is not an option and that running affairs and living life according to God’s will is essential.

According to him: “The election is not yet over. There are cases in court that have not been disposed of. That is why we are in an anomalous situation; we have a declared President-elect whose result is being challenged, and the court is handling it.

“I am entitled to take the position that I am still waiting for the court to determine who won the election.

“I am one of those who have been saying that it does not make much sense to swear in people when they are still in court.

“We have to review the election process to ensure we have a winner who will be sworn in and everybody would rally around.

“I can’t understand; I am not a legal man or judge; it is a pity that it is taking too long for the Court to make up their mind on this matter,” he said.

“You know when you are doing the right thing and when you are doing the bad thing. Those who rigged the election know they rigged the election. Those who didn’t allow the people’s will to prevail, they know it.

“Those who have heated up the polity, they know it in their heart of heart. The wonderful thing is that God himself know them, we may not know, even the court may not know but God knows them and they know themselves.


“So, the more we mention God, the more we should be on guard not to be found using the name of God in vain. There are countries who don’t want to mention God but they are running their affairs well. But if we decide to keep mentioning God, we must run our affairs according to God’s will otherwise we end up giving God a bad name. God forbid.


“I am now talking as a Cardinal; I want to ask my fellow countrymen; we should not apologise for the fact that we keep God constantly in our prayers and in our national life. We can’t throw God away. That means we must run our affairs and live our lives according to God’s will and we cannot pretend we don’t know what God wants from all of us.”

Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress, APC, was declared the winner of the 2023 presidential election by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, amidst controversies on the process of the election.

The Labour Party and the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, have approached the presidential election tribunal in Abuja to challenge what they called a flawed presidential poll by the electoral body.

Many have called for an interim government pending the conclusion of the legal battle.