Supreme Court Boss Reportedly Disguises In Wheelchair To Secretly Meet Tinubu In London

Supreme Court Boss Reportedly Disguises In Wheelchair To Secretly Meet Tinubu In London

The Chief Justice of the Federation, Justice Olukayode Ariwoola, has reportedly feigned disability just to hold a secret meeting with the ‘President-elect’, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in London.

People’s Gazette reports that it noticed the CJN’s movement on arrival of the President-elect in London.

Sahara Reporters had reported that Tinubu had been flown out of the country on Tuesday night as a result of an illness which his doctors here couldn’t handle.

However, Justice Ariwoola left the country through the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport on 11 March, more than one week ahead of the President-elect’s arrival.

Sources report that after his arrival at the Abuja airport, the Supreme Court boss was pushed in a wheelchair via the terminals to where he boarded a British Airline.

On getting to London, he was wheeled to a downtown in a hotel where he lodged since arriving in the country.

However, after checking into the hotel, the Chief Justice vacated the wheelchair and began taking a walk around the facility without assistance.

The Supreme Court boss is not known to be living with any kind of disability.

A source conversant with Ariwoola’s activities at the London accommodation said the CJN had been walking about without Wheelchair.

“He has been moving about in the hotel without any wheelchair. He was standing on his own in the elevator just yesterday,” the source said

With the President-elect currently in Europe, he would be having a meeting with Justice Ariwoola in a confidential arrangement to talk about issues unknown to the people of Nigeria.

“The CJN deliberately left the country more than a week ahead of Tinubu to avoid any suspicion about why both of them disappeared at once. That is why he travelled secretly and Tinubu also travelled secretly,” a source stated according to the People’s Gazette

Speaking on the reason for the meeting with Tinubu, the source added that, “The CJN would either assure Tinubu of victory in court or tell him that he should be worried about the dimension the petitions may take through the court stages. But we may never know what they actually discussed after their secret meeting.”

“I am reluctant to start thinking about the of their meeting right now,” the source added. “But any fair-minded person will easily admit that both of them meeting in a foreign corner to discuss something that Nigerians will not know about is highly suspicious and should be unwarranted.”

Tinubu’s victory at the 2023 presidential election in the country as anounced by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has continued to create a backlash both locally and internationally, as the electoral body failed to conduct the election according to its guidelines.

The process that led to the outcome of the election is currently being challenged in court by opposition political parties.