Kim Releases Warning Rockets Over South Korea, US Military Drills

Kim Releases Warning Rockets Over South Korea, US Military Drills

North Korea has, on Monday, released about two rockets 48 hours after firing its powerful Intercontinental Ballistics Missiles, ICBMs, which Japan said exploded on its exclusive economic zone.

North Korea launched the missile in opposition to a planned increase in US South Korea military activities in the Korea Peninsula

The United States and South Korea consequently carried out a joint military drill on Sunday.

But North Korean Government had condemned the military drills by the two countries, saying their activities in the region were behind the worsening security situation in the area.

Pyongyang pointed out that the action by the two countries provoked its Monday military exercise.

“Through today’s firing drill with the involvement of super-large multiple rocket launchers, the tactical nuclear attack means, the KPA demonstrated its full readiness to deter and will to counter” the joint air drills, KCNA pointed out, adding that the launchers were so much powerful that it could “reduce to ashes the enemy’s operational airfield”.

The government of South Korea had lamented that it, on Monday, noticed the launch of two short-range ballistic missiles at 0700-0711 (2200-2211 GMT Sunday), adding that one of the missiles travelled about 390 kilometres while the other one travelled about 340 kilometres prior to landing at the Sea of Japan.

The government described the launches as “a serious provocation that undermines peace and stability on the Korean peninsula”, calling on North Korea to cease with immediate effect.

The United Nations Security Council is expected to hold a meeting on Tuesday for the purpose of discussing the matter.