Israel Blasts Iranian Leadership, Its Hamas Allies, Says Attack On Jewish People Will Be Regretted

Israel Blasts Iranian Leadership, Its Hamas Allies, Says Attack On Jewish People Will Be Regretted

In a statement, Israel has firmly addressed the recent actions of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and his Hamas allies. This statement, which comes directly from Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was shared via its official online platform, X (formerly Twitter).

In a direct response to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s statements, the official X account of the State of Israel did not mince words. “It’s easy to be brave when you’re hiding behind a keyboard,” they posted. “You and your Hamas friends will regret your barbaric actions very soon.” The message conveyed Israel’s unwavering determination and a staunch defense of its stance.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, on his verified X handle, had previously issued a contentious statement. He warned that the consequences of what he termed the “massacre and mass murder” of Palestinians by the heads of the Zionist regime and their supporters would be severe. His words reverberated: “Heads of the Zionist regime and their backers should know that the massacre and mass murder of the people of Gaza will cause a larger calamity to come upon them.” He went on to express his concern about the support the Israeli government receives, particularly from the United States and the United Kingdom, highlighting what he viewed as the brutality and lack of mercy in their actions.

Khamenei’s assertion that Tehran was not involved in the recent attack by Hamas on Israel but, paradoxically, lauding the damage inflicted upon Israel’s military and intelligence capabilities as “irreparable” set the stage for a tense exchange of words. In his televised speech, he expressed gratitude towards those responsible for the attack on the Zionist regime while attributing the ensuing crisis to Israel’s own actions.

Israel has consistently accused Iran of arming Hamas, and this enduring contention continues to strain relations in the region.