Uzodimma Has Kidnapped Our President – NLC Laments

Uzodimma Has Kidnapped Our President – NLC Laments

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has sounded the alarm, accusing Imo State Governor Hope Uzodinma and the state Commissioner of Police of abducting their national president, Joe Ajaero. This unprecedented incident has sent shockwaves through the labor community, prompting a fervent call for the immediate release of the NLC leader.

The NLC, in an official statement issued by Comrade Emmanuel Ugboaja, General Secretary, and Comrade Nuhu Toro, TUC Secretary-General, expressed their deep concern over the state government’s actions, which they believe will only strengthen the resolve of workers to push for their demands.

The statement, released on a fateful Wednesday afternoon, conveyed the NLC’s grievances against the Imo State government, asserting that violence and intimidation had become a distressing tool used against trade unions and their leadership within the state.

Earlier that day, workers had gathered at the state NLC secretariat to protest the recurring abuse and violation of workers’ rights in Imo State. The situation escalated when the state government employed ruthless tactics. First, police officers attempted to disperse the gathering of workers, only to be followed by a group of thugs stationed near the secretariat in various vehicles.

These thugs unleashed chaos upon the workers, damaging vehicles, wielding machetes, and inflicting injuries on the already beleaguered crowd. They even resorted to stealing personal belongings such as mobile phones, laptops, and money from the workers.

To make matters worse, Comrade Joe Ajaero, the President of the NLC, reportedly arrived at the scene to inspect the situation and provide leadership for the trade union action to continue. However, he was met with a large contingent of police officers, who were accompanied by thugs led by the Special Assistant to the Governor of Imo State on Special Duties, Mr. Chinasa Nwaneri, among others.

A brutal assault followed, during which the President of the NLC was reportedly subjected to physical harm, including head and body injuries, while the police supervised the mayhem. He was forcibly taken away in a waiting police van to an unknown location, where he remains incommunicado.

The NLC strongly condemns these acts and asserts that such violence is unacceptable in a civilized society.

The NLC called on Nigerian workers across the country to remain vigilant, warning that if the President of the Congress is not released by the end of the day, they will initiate a nationwide protest. They demand the immediate release of Comrade Joe Ajaero, proper medical treatment for his injuries, and the assurance of his freedom to lead peaceful protests.

The body emphasizes the importance of respecting the rule of law and calls on the Inspector General of Police to control the situation and prevent further harm to innocent workers in Imo State. They stress the need for unity in ensuring the safety and rights of workers and urge Governor Hope Uzodimma to address the workers’ demands peacefully and constructively.