Davido Reveals His Alternative Career Path If Music Had Failed

Davido Reveals His Alternative Career Path If Music Had Failed

David Adeleke, more commonly known as Davido, a renowned pop hitmaker, recently shared insights into his life outside of music in a captivating documentary. Throughout the film, the pop star, accompanied by YouTuber Tayo Aina, embarked on a journey of travel and performances.

Davido humorously expressed his inclination towards making people laugh, a talent that has seamlessly translated into his successful entertainment career. He revealed, “If I hadn’t pursued music, I would have ventured into stand-up comedy. I’ve always been the funny guy, making people laugh throughout my school days. This comedic essence became an integral part of my music and my ability to connect with people.”

The singer empathetically stated, “I understand the profound impact of feeling low, and I wouldn’t wish that upon even my worst enemy.” Davido reminisced about his early days in the music industry, acknowledging the influential role played by renowned record producer Don Jazzy in shaping his career. Recounting his journey, he said, “I experienced a breakthrough at the tender age of 17. It was astonishing. My expertise in engineering and beat-making set me apart. My swag caught the attention of Mo Hits and D’banj, as one of my cousins worked closely with them.”

Davido continued, “Don Jazzy became my mentor, and the experience was incredible. I started hustling and networking, which eventually led me to establish my own path.” Reflecting on his extensive touring experiences, he added, “When I perform in different countries, the heads of state often extend invitations for dinner. My fans have compiled a list of the numerous countries I’ve performed in, and it’s astonishing to see that the count has reached approximately 75.”

“Even before my music career took off, I had already been traveling extensively. These experiences should also be taken into account. I’ve been navigating airports alone since the age of 13; I knew the ins and outs like the back of my hand,” Davido shared, highlighting his determination and resilience.

He divulged, “I work tirelessly, burning the midnight oil while others sleep. Recording, mixing, and editing videos become my reality. The process demands blood, sweat, and tears. I’m committed to owning the next five to six years.”