I Was Menstruating During Cook-A-Thon – Hilda Baci Reveals

I Was Menstruating During Cook-A-Thon – Hilda Baci Reveals


In a recent cooking competition held in Lagos State, renowned Nigerian chef Hilda Baci faced an unexpected hurdle—she was on her menstrual period throughout the four-day event. Baci shared her experience in an exclusive interview with TV3 Ghana, shedding light on the difficulties she faced and how she managed to overcome them.

The chef confessed that her monthly period has always been a challenging time for her, but this particular occasion was especially demanding. The stress and discomfort posed a significant obstacle to her attempt to break the competition record, causing concern not only for herself but also for her father.

The chef explained that due to her menstruation, she had to take a shower during every break she had, no matter how short.

According to her: “I was on my period the entire time and that made it extremely difficult and extra hard. What that meant was it took away from the time that I had to rest.

“I was trying to rack up because I get 5 minutes every time I completed 1 hour. So if I stand for one hour, I had 5 minutes to rest. And I still had to do my medical checks. God bless my medical team.

“They were on the ground. “Because I was on my period I had to take a shower every single break I had. If I had 30 minutes I had to take a shower in that time because I had to change.

“My dad was worried because I have horrible cramps. Like really horrible cramps. So pushing through that means I can conquer things in this life.