US Lawmakers Make Significant Move in an Attempt to Impeach Biden

US Lawmakers Make Significant Move in an Attempt to Impeach Biden




House Republicans have recently taken a significant step in their impeachment inquiry against President Biden by issuing subpoenas. These subpoenas target Hunter Biden, the President’s son, and James Biden, his brother, as well as Rob Walker, a business associate of the Biden family. The move was authorized by Representative James R. Comer, the Chairman of the Oversight Committee and a Republican from Kentucky.

The subpoenas mark a major development in the impeachment inquiry, which was initiated in September by Republicans despite the absence of substantial evidence supporting their allegations of the President’s involvement in corrupt business dealings and bribery. Thus far, the Republicans have struggled to provide concrete proof for their claims.

The subpoenas specify that James Biden is required to appear for a deposition on December 6, while Hunter Biden is scheduled for a week later, and Mr. Walker on November 29. In a statement, Mr. Comer accused the President of benefiting from what he termed an “influence-peddling scheme” and alleged that the President had been dishonest about his family’s business affairs.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy initiated the impeachment inquiry against President Biden, marking the third formal attempt by Congress to remove a sitting President in the past four years.

Despite the Republicans’ suggestions that President Biden used an email alias to engage in misconduct, the initial batch of emails revealed relatively mundane content and personal information. The Biden administration swiftly dismissed the subpoenas, labeling the Republican inquiry as a “wild goose chase” aimed at tarnishing the President’s reputation ahead of the 2024 election.

The White House spokesman, Ian Sams, criticized the extreme House Republicans for pursuing what he termed a “partisan political smear campaign” and urged them to focus on their legislative duties instead.

Previously, Mr. Comer had issued subpoenas for the bank records of James and Hunter Biden, as well as their associates, resulting in the release of copies of two checks that showed payments from James Biden and his wife, Sara Biden, to Joseph R. Biden Jr., totaling $240,000. Mr. Comer characterized one of these checks as “explosive new evidence” of alleged money laundering by James Biden and the President.

Requests for comment from Hunter Biden, residing in California, and James Biden, from Royal Oak, Maryland, remained unanswered.