“People Thought It Was Joke” Basketmouth Speaks On Estrangement From Wife

“People Thought It Was Joke” Basketmouth Speaks On Estrangement From Wife

Basketmouth, a popular stand-up comedian who recently appeared on Ghanaian television station TV3 New Day’s segment “UP CLOSE WITH BASKETMOUTH,” where he talked about his announcement last year regarding his separation from his wife has, in the course of his interview, stated that some people had assumed that he was actually joking when he made the announcement.

He clarified that he was not joking and that the decision was made after much consideration. He requested that the public respect their privacy over this period.

Additionally, he stated that separating from his wife was a necessary decision that he made based on reasons only he knew.

Despite his previous teasing regarding the matter, he emphasized that he was serious about the separation.

According to him: “I’m separated right now and people thought it was a joke but it wasn’t. And some people were like, ‘Do you want to promote a show?’ And I was like, you definitely do not know my design. I do not bring my personal matters on a public platform and put my personal things out there”

“But it was something that I needed to do and for reasons best known to me. And I did that. And yeah, we’re cool, everything is fine.

One of the hosts asked “So was it before the 12 years?”

“No, it was actually after the 12 years,” Basketmouth responded, adding that “I completed the 12 years in November and that happened in December.”