State Of The Nation: Youths Have No Reason To Complain

State Of The Nation: Youths Have No Reason To Complain

The dearth of cash and fuel which has taken the frontline of the challenges confronting Nigeria has provoked Nigerian youths in different parts of the country to stage various kinds of protests across the Federation, including shutting down banks.

Many of them on social media have expressed their disapproval with the cash redesign policy of the Federal Government, the fuel scarcity, and Its attendant hardship on the people.

Undoubtedly, the reason for the current spate of reactions from the young population on this policy is not unconnected with the scathing impact of the government policy on them.

Nobody should be surprised or even criticize the government for the policy because this is the least a society that allows politicians unlimited freedom to act unchecked should expect

Politics remains a critical part of human existence and in as much as politics determines who regulates the activities of man in society it must be prioritized by all irrespective of your area of specialization.

Many Nigerian youths have over the years displayed lackadaisical attitude towards politics and governance despite its importance.

An average Nigerian would prefer listening to news on frivolities such as Big Brother Nija, Nija Bet, Western sports, and entertainment to listening to the political affairs of the country.

This is why there is poor political socialization among our youths and negative political culture.

Displaying a cavalier attitude towards governance and politics is an open and direct assurance to accept whatever that comes out of the activities of those that are into it.

Nigeria needs a very serious change, but the change can only come if we are ready.

Nigerian youths must turn their eyes away from frivolities and focus on the main thing.

The current state of the country should be an eye opener to all the youths in country.

Irrespective of your Area of specialization, you must be concerned about who becomes your chairman, governor, or president.

God bless Nigeria!